Santai-Santai Petang at Impiana Hotel Ipoh

F&B Promotions - Santai-Santai Petang At The Deli Ipoh Hotel

Impiana Hotel Ipoh

Santai-Santai Petang At The Deli

A must try our Santai – Santai Petang which is RM10.00nett per set with The Tarik and choose from Cucur udang, Cucur ikan bilis, Roti Jala, Keledek Goreng and Pisang Goreng.

Santai-Santai Petang at The Deli available on Monday to Friday from 2.00pm to 5.00pm at The Deli.

For inquiry, please call/email us:

Tel : +60(5) 255 5555

E-mail :